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Managing Canine Behaviour

Every day I tip my hat to those living with and treating a dog with a behavioural issue, it can be challenging, frustrating, costly but can be incredibly rewarding. It can also be TIME CONSUMING; behaviour issues are not fixed in a day (no matter what some claim), they take time, understanding, repetition, clarity and […]

Manage the Symptom. Treat the Cause.

When you are faced with a behavioural issue it is easy to fall in a trap of addressing just the symptom but not understanding or treating the underlying cause of the behaviour. There are many ‘quick fixes’ on the market, whether it be a fancy training device, a trainer who claims to ‘fix’ your issues […]

Training directly or indirectly?

If you are struggling with a behavioural issue or struggling to achieve a training goal, it may be worth taking a step back and ask… Should I approach this DIRECTLY or INDIRECTLY? For example, dealing with ‘dog reactivity’. Some jump right into addressing their dogs behaviour DIRECTLY in presence of other dogs. However, many need […]

The importance of foundation

The more dogs the CC Crew assist with two things become more and more apparent; Companion Dogs with no or little foundation work will most likely develop behavioural issues And Foundation is still necessary to elicit change in behaviour, no matter the age or severity. We see countless dogs and their guardians trying to address […]

Learn to Learn From Others

One of the many things we love about our industry is how you can learn so much from other professionals and incorporate it into our own training. We had the absolute pleasure of hosting Tammy from Precise K9 & Sharonika from Clear Canine for their ‘Art of Engagement’ workshop. Two amazing trainers who not only […]

Why We Train Tricks

Many would see our work on our social pages and think we focus mainly on ‘tricks’, but did you know our main passion and drive is the rehabilitation and modification of dog behaviour? We love nothing more than helping a dog reach a better level of mental health and building stronger relationships for our furry […]

The Value of Rewards

Time again we hear “my dog isn’t motivated by food/toys’ and time again we find the opposite true. This is not magic, it’s experimentation and experience. Using the wrong type of reward in your training can not only plateau your progress but damage your relationship with the dog. Have you spent time getting to know […]

To sniff or not to sniff?

Did you know that your dog navigates the world by using their nose? Their sense of smell is 1000-10000 times more powerful than ours which means, while we rely on our eyes to take in our surroundings, our dogs are relying on their nose and are analyzing all of the different smells in their environment. […]