Canine Carnivale

Fighting fear with fun and creating confidence with cool, Canine Connect is proud to bring you our new and unique Canine Carnivale class to Adelaide.

Combining the fun and engagement of a trick class, but with the importance of obedience and rehabilitation. Canine Carnivale is here to help the dogs and handlers of Adelaide achieve a better relationship.

If you have any questions about Canine Carnivale please feel free to get in touch. Our Ringmasters will get back to you in no time!

How does it work?

Class is split between two man objectives:

  1. The training of individual skills to add to your ever growing repertoire.
  2. A circuit or “performance” where you individual skills are chained together into a sequence.

Yes, you will learn tricks, lots of tricks, however you will also learn how to better control your dog, obtain and maintain better engagement and focus, better your handling and obedience skills, build dog and handler confidence, and most importantly, bring the fun back into your training and relationship.

What do I need?

A sense of humour and the ability to be open to new and exciting ideas, we will do the rest! (Oh, and a dog of course )

Canine Carnivale is designed for dogs of all sizes, breed and temperaments and is for both those wanting something new and exciting and for those wanting to address a behavioural issue.

How can we benefit from Canine Carnivale?

The benefits of not only Canine Carnivale but group training in general are numerous;

  • Improving your coordination skills as a canine handler
  • Confidence building for both dog and handler, performing with your dog is a great confidence booster!
  • Unleashing your creativity. Often dog training requires a creative mind, we can help reconnect you with your creative side
  • Engagement and relationship improvement, we want your dog to think your the ‘coolest’ person around, Carnivale will show your dog just how cool you can be!
  • Training in a social environment around distractions creates functional skills ready for real world scenarios
  • Enrichment and stimulation, many dogs are bored, after a session of Carnivale you pooch will be pooed and you will have more tricks up your sleeve to keep their stimulation up to scratch at home

My dog has a behaviour issues, can they still attend?

Canine Carnivale is for everyone, particularly those trying to ignite change in their dogs behaviour, this is why Canine Carnivale was created and we have enjoyed watching those previously struggle achieving new levels they never thought possible. Whether your dog is reactive to others, lacking in confidence or crippled by fear then Carnivale is here to help you.

If you are concerned your dog may not be suitable then we invite you to contact us and organise an assessment before booking.

We fight the Fear with the funny and create confidence with cool!