SuperPups! Puppy School

Canine Connect is excited to deliver our popular SuperPups Puppy School across Adelaide!

Through positive experiences and socialisation, your ‘SuperPup’ will get the best start to life in our structured and fun learning environment.

The Superpup’s course runs for five consecutive weeks and is suitable for puppies from 8 to 16 weeks.

The sessions focus on each puppy’s behavioural development, include exposure sessions for confidence building and training, and provide many opportunities to discuss any issues or questions you might have with the trainer.

We aim to work with you to create a confident, well-mannered dog with a strong relationship with its humans.

Who are puppy classes for?

These classes are suitable for puppies ranging from 8 weeks to 6 months, and all skill levels are welcome.

SuperPups Puppy Classes are fantastic for those currently attending a Puppy School (with us or elsewhere) who want that extra edge in developing a robust, resilient puppy and relationship. Or, maybe you missed Puppy School or want to continue training and learning? Either way, this is perfect for you!

Absolutely recommend the Canine Connect crew! They have been an integral part of our pup Luna’s start to the world.

Emma H.

SuperPups Puppy School Venues

Noah’s Crossing Veterinary Clinic


To book at spot in this course at Noah’s Crossing Vet Clinic, please contact on: (08) 8524 2260

Poochie Clean Dog & Cat Grooming


To book a spot at Poochie Clean, fill out the form below.

Fur Babies Grooming & Spa

Holden Hill

To book a spot at Fur Babies, fill out the form below.

If you would like Canine Connect to hold a SuperPups course at a place near you, please contact us!