Canine Connect fights fear with fun and creates confidence with cool

Canine Connect fights fear with fun and creates confidence with cool

At Canine Connect, we believe that if you and your dog aren’t having fun, then training just isn’t gonna stick. That’s why we go above and beyond to find new and exciting ways to tackle the often boring topic of dog training.

With years of experience working in industrial, hospitality, charity, and creative industries, Canine Connect is run by a team of passionate dog professionals from various backgrounds.

Proven results

Our team has years of experience, with hundreds of happy clients ready to tell their stories.

Constant support

With our training, you get support in and out of class and access to post-training groups and resources.

Qualified trainers

The Canine Connect team consists of skilled, passionate, accredited trainers from various backgrounds.

Creativity & fun

If you’re not having fun, neither is your dog, which means they aren’t learning as well as they could be.

Hedgegrove Pet Retreat

In Golden Grove, Hedgegrove is home to our Board and Train services and many of our group classes and workshops.

Windamere Pet Retreat

Windamere is the southern home of our training services and group classes.

SuperPups! Puppy Classes

Our puppy classes are held at different venues around the metropolitan suburbs.

What our customers think…

Rebecca D.

We had our 2yo great dane (who we had only had for a few months) booked in for a 2 week board and train as we were having trouble with the fact he had no boundaries, was very reactive to other dogs (and kangaroos on our walks) and found it hard to just relax. After the first 2 weeks we happily extended it to 3 weeks to get the most out of his training. He returned home and the improvements we saw were amazing. As well as the training, we recieved emails for tips on how to engage, train, play and reward which have helped us continue the good work the team at Windamere kennels put in. We are so happy with how Murphy was treated during his stay, We'll be booking him in later this year for some extra training and to board while we are overseas 🙂


Some of the best canine trainers you can find! Each and everyone so passionate and kind. After using their services I have learnt so much and my dog is a thousand times better for it!

Heather R.

My Pup loves going here, the staff are friendly and the training is fantastic. Have noticed a really positive change in behavior in my pup and he is exhausted when he gets home from doggy day school. Highly recommend.