7 Tips to Better Behaviour

We have put the following video series together to help those start making the right changes towards better training and behaviour. Watch each video in sequence, read the write ups on each and put them into practice.

Most importantly, DO EACH OF THEM IN TURN, even if you ‘think’ you already know or do it, it may surprise you! The below are always the go to for most training or behaviour issues or are required to move forward or prevent them form occurring.

Tip #1 – Value of YOUR rewards $$$

Tip #2 – Charge your Marker!

Tip #3 – Engagement (Be cooler you square!)

Tip #4 – Back to Basics (Turn your Basics into Advanced)

Tip #5 – Leash skills (A dying art)

Tip #6 – Enrichment (Bust the boredom)

Tip #7 – Advocation (Protect, support and stand up for your dog)