Board & Train

Board & train is an option for those who want to put their dog’s development, obedience and confidence in the express lane under the care of our qualified trainers.

Your dog will be staying at the amazing Hedgegrove Boarding Kennels or Windamere Boarding Kennels and will receive several training sessions per day. The dog’s behaviour and progression is assessed daily and training adjusted to suit.

Designed for dogs of varying age, breed and temperament, whether it be for some basic training of obedience, specialty skills, assistance work or rehabilitation for mild to severe behaviour issues. Board & Train is not designed to “fix” behavioural issues but to begin the process under our guidance. Those wanting more intensive programs can discuss options with the trainers to give you as much time and support needed to assist the dog, yourself and your relationship.

At the end of their stay, the trainers will give you all the information, recommendations & empowerment needed to continue their training at home. Your dog will also receive a free hydro-bath before returning home. Programs of 10 days or longer receive a free 1 hour handover session with the trainers.

It is strongly recommended that the handler continues with other services such as Dayschool, Private Training and Group Classes after their dogs board & train stay, we have begun the training with the dog but it is essential we also train with you, training dogs. training people is after all what we are all about!

Check out our ‘Board & Train’ YouTube playlist of some of the fun we have had with our past guests!

Board & train is not suitable for those who cannot continue the dog’s training and development after the package is complete. These programs are not suited for those having behavioural issues specific to your home environment and it is only designed to begin addressing behavioural issues, there is no “quick fix” in rehabilitation. Canine Connect may require you to attend a mandatory assessment appointment to decide if your dog is suitable for these programs.

Board & Train stays for behavioural issues are required to book in an assessment day with our trainers BEFORE the ‘Board & Train’ program commences.

Hedgegrove & Windamere Pet Retreat supplies all the food, bedding and care during their stay. All guests must agree to Hedgegrove & Windamere’s policies and procedures before entering their facility.

All dogs require a current C5 vaccination in order to board. Bookings for Board & Train can only be made during non-peak periods.

All clients receive lifelong support for the dog via email after their stay and access to our Private Facebook group.