Training FAQs & Conditions

Many of our frequently asked questions are answered on this page. We ask anyone getting in touch to have a skim of this page in case their question has already been answered.

No phone Number?

All our trainers are extremely busy and focused on training doggos! As your dog may deal with several trainers during their journey with us, our trainers must stay focused, remain up to date and have the ability to go back through all questions and information.

To assist with this, we ask all correspondence be done via our contact page or directly to our email

Weather & Bush Fire Prevention

Training classes, seminars & workshops do not proceed if the weather reaches 32 degrees and above. Classes may also be postponed if other extreme weather, such as rain, lightning, hail, extreme humidity and damaging winds, occur.

Services that can be held indoors with appropriate air conditioning will still proceed.

The Canine Connect crew watch the weather patterns as closely as we can and try to give as much notice (via email) as possible should we determine it is unsafe to go ahead.

Multiple Dogs

Families with multiple dogs are welcome to train; however, we ask for each dog to have their own responsible handler.

Deposits & Payments

All classes, board & train and workshops will either need a deposit placed or full payment at the time of booking to be confirmed. Payments can be made in cash, by invoice, or by bank transfer. All invoices must be paid by the due date, or your position may be forfeited.

You can find our policy on cancellations and refunds here.


All our training guests attending classes at our grounds must be fully vaccinated (minimum C5). We also ask each dog has had their vaccinations at least two weeks before attending.

Please contact us about the requirements for puppies attending our ‘SuperPups’ program.


Canine Connect believes in a safe environment for all to train and learn. We do not tolerate harassment, abuse or inappropriate behaviour that makes our team or our students uncomfortable.

Dangerous Canine Behaviour

We understand you may be coming to see us due to the concerning behaviours your dog is exhibiting. Please be upfront and honest about these behaviours before seeing us. If we deem your dog’s behaviour inappropriate for a particular service, we may ask you to leave, but we will do our best to find you an alternate service, within or outside our own.

Media, Photography and Film

We may sometimes take film or photographs of your dog and yourself during our training services. Canine Connect reserves the right to use these on our social media pages, website, print and other forms of media. Should you not wish to be a part of this media, please see us before any form of training.

Cancellations & Refunds

Cancellation & available refund depend on the service booked. All our staff are rostered a week before, and late cancellations can mean our other clients miss out. Our services are in high demand, so be sure you wish to proceed to avoid disappointment.

  • Board and train bookings require a deposit to be confirmed. These cannot be refunded should you wish to cancel once booked.
  • Dayschool sessions require 48 hours notice of cancellation.
  • Private Appointments need at least a week’s notice of cancellation.
  • Classes & workshops need at least a week’s notice.

Canine Connect retains the right to hold all booking fees, deposits or partial fees in the event of a cancellation.