Our Trainers and Behaviour Specialists

Scott and his Siberian Husky, Kato ‘Spud’
Scott & his Siberian Husky Tycho ‘Pickle’

Scott McGuinness


This is the man who started it all!

After an eclectic background of jobs including Graphic Design, The Oil Industry, Gaming & Hospitality, Scott started his canine career after working and supervising one of Adelaide’s first and largest Dog Daycare facilities.

‘Kato’ the Siberian Husky (And whose silhouette is our logo) was the catalyst for Scott’s passion on communicating, training and improving the lives of dogs. Scott now has 5 dogs including 2 Pomeranians, a Husky, a deaf Border Collie and Jussi the Tibetan Mastiff.

“I love building confidence in my clients to get out and be active with
their dogs. Helping you to better understand how your dog thinks gives you the ability to enhance the relationship you have with your canine companion. In a modern world our canine friends need help in correct socialisation,
development and environmental enrichment but with a little guidance and management we can all achieve a better world for them”.

Scott is experienced and qualified in Dog Behaviour & Training, Work, Health & Safety, and Training & Assessment. Aside from this Scott is also the acting Business Manager of Hedgegrove Pet Retreat and Windamere Pet Retreat, which helps to continue building his experience and knowledge of companion animals and the industry. Many of our current clients choose to board their animals with Scott because they know their animals are left with someone they know and trust.

Scott is the ‘Ringmaster’ of our famous ‘Canine Carnivale’ Class and is often seen helping the team work with some of our more “difficult”cases or running canine safety workshops for councils, vet clinics, boarding kennels and more.

Jessica Crowther


Canine Connect Manager & Trainer, Jess is very much the heart and soul of our team!

After already working for 6 years in the animal industry, Jess found her passion with training and behaviour with the CC Crew. Previously supervising a pet product store, Jess would often run up to 6 Puppy School programs per week, that’s a lot of pups!

Jess takes pride in the team and services she has created for the dog owners of Adelaide.

In her own time Jess and her partner care for 15 animals of their own including dogs, cats, birds, lizards and alpacas. She is also a green thumb with a whole jungle of plants to her name that have been slowly creeping their way into the Hedgegrove Pet Retreat offices and surrounds.

Jess is often inspired by seeing our students be proud of their own dogs and accomplishments after the hard work she has done with her very own Tibetan Mastiff ‘Jussi’, who did not have the easiest start to life.

Your dog will not stop wagging its tail once it knows our Jess!

Natalie Moeller


“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass… it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

Natalie is one of our longest serving and primary trainers at our Northern facility. After 10 years in the customer service industry, Nat said, “No more!” and followed her passion of dogs, training & behaviour.

With a Bachelor of Science (Animal Science) & her Certification in Dog Behaviour and Training, Nat is one of our most knowledgeable trainers who loves nothing more than helping dogs through their troubles and help them and their guardians achieve a better life together. After all, animals have helped her through the bad times and now she wants to return the favour!

A massive gamer in her spare time, Nat loves to play games of all sorts including Dungeons & Dragons, Nat is the nerd our team needs and loves!

Amber Kroemer

Dog Trainer

A horse girl at heart, Amber has come from a Horse background and has now brought her animal knowledge and care to dog behaviour & training.

With a Certificate in Animal Studies and Dog Training & Behaviour, Amber is inspired by the other trainers around her and those she follows on Social Media to continue learning, continue practicing and continue helping dogs under her care shine.

Always the ray of positivity, Amber loves watching the progress of all the dogs no matter how big or small. Amber is always the first to celebrate their progress with a cuddle, treat and selfie.

“No dog is a “lost cause”, they are all precious, they all deserve the best”

Devon & her ‘Homer’

Devon Jenkins

Training & Behaviour

Devon has grown up around dogs all her life, often when she was a kid you would find her hiding in the kennel cuddling her grandparents dog.

She didn’t always know what she wanted to do but as soon as she started working with dogs she knew this was where her passion lies.

Ever since getting her own dog, an ex racing greyhound she has put in a lot of work building his confidence with so many things and even teaching him a cool party trick of ring toss! Seeing the change in his personality made her realise how many other dogs deserve structure and good training! So by combining her love for dogs and the positive outcomes of dog training, it couldn’t be a better fit.

Devon enjoys going camping and four-wheel driving, exploring new places off the beaten track! If she isn’t running around or napping on the lounge with her dog you will also find her in the gym striving for big things!

Devon’s motto to live by is “be yourself, and try your best. Dogs don’t care if you did your makeup, they’re just happy to see you.”

Dev has experience in many areas and has completed her Bachelor of Science (animal behaviour) and Certificate 3 in Dog behaviour and training.