Our Trainers and Behaviour Specialists

Scott and his Siberian Husky, Kato ‘Spud’
Scott & his Siberian Husky Tycho ‘Pickle’

Scott McGuinness

Founder & Behaviour Specialist

This is the man who started it all!

After an eclectic background of jobs including Graphic Design, The Oil Industry, Gaming & Hospitality, Scott started his canine career after working and supervising one of Adelaide’s first and largest Dog Daycare facilities.

‘Kato’ the Siberian Husky (And whose silhouette is our logo) was the catalyst for Scott’s passion on communicating, training and improving the lives of dogs. Scott now has 5 dogs including 2 Pomeranians, a Husky, a deaf Border Collie and Jussi the Tibetan Mastiff.

“I love building confidence in my clients to get out and be active with
their dogs. Helping you to better understand how your dog thinks gives you the ability to enhance the relationship you have with your canine companion. In a modern world our canine friends need help in correct socialisation,
development and environmental enrichment but with a little guidance and management we can all achieve a better world for them”.

Scott is experienced and qualified in Dog Behaviour & Training, Work, Health & Safety, and Training & Assessment. Aside from this Scott is also the acting Business Manager of Hedgegrove Pet Retreat and Windamere Pet Retreat, which helps to continue building his experience and knowledge of companion animals and the industry. Many of our current clients choose to board their animals with Scott because they know their animals are left with someone they know and trust.

Scott is the ‘Ringmaster’ of our famous ‘Canine Carnivale’ Class and is often seen helping the team work with some of our more “difficult”cases or running canine safety workshops for councils, vet clinics, boarding kennels and more!

Jessica Crowther

Director & Behaviour Specialist

Canine Connect Manager & Trainer, Jess is very much the heart and soul of our team!

After already working for 6 years in the animal industry, Jess found her passion with training and behaviour with the CC Crew. Previously supervising a pet product store, Jess would often run up to 6 Puppy School programs per week, that’s a lot of pups!

Jess takes pride in the team and services she has created for the dog owners of Adelaide.

In her own time Jess and her partner care for 15 animals of their own including dogs, cats, birds, lizards and alpacas. She is also a green thumb with a whole jungle of plants to her name that have been slowly creeping their way into the Hedgegrove Pet Retreat offices and surrounds.

Jess is often inspired by seeing our students be proud of their own dogs and accomplishments after the hard work she has done with her very own Tibetan Mastiff ‘Jussi’, who did not have the easiest start to life.

Your dog will not stop wagging its tail once it knows our Jess!

Devon & her ‘Homer’

Devon Jenkins

Training & Behaviour Specialist

Devon has grown up around dogs all her life, often when she was a kid you would find her hiding in the kennel cuddling her grandparents dog.

She didn’t always know what she wanted to do but as soon as she started working with dogs she knew this was where her passion lies.

Ever since getting her own dog, an ex racing greyhound she has put in a lot of work building his confidence with so many things and even teaching him a cool party trick of ring toss! Seeing the change in his personality made her realise how many other dogs deserve structure and good training! So by combining her love for dogs and the positive outcomes of dog training, it couldn’t be a better fit.

Devon enjoys going camping and four-wheel driving, exploring new places off the beaten track! If she isn’t running around or napping on the lounge with her dog you will also find her in the gym striving for big things!

Devon’s motto to live by is “be yourself, and try your best. Dogs don’t care if you did your makeup, they’re just happy to see you.”

Dev has experience in many areas and has completed her Bachelor of Science (animal behaviour) and Certificate 3 in Dog behaviour and training.

Shevi Marr

Training, Grooming & Behaviour Specialist

From the moment Shevi could toddle, she showed joy around animals, which naturally led her on a paw-some journey to become a Dog Groomer. It was in the buzz and fluff of the grooming world that she discovered her special knack for bonding with the shy, tail-tucking pups who needed just a tad more patience and ear scratches to open up and strut their stuff.

Eager to dive deeper into the canine psyche, Shevi leaped into studying Dog Behaviour and Training, and not long after, she landed her dream gig right here at Canine Connect—and we couldn’t be happier!

With her certificate now hanging proudly on the wall, Shevi is on a never-ending journey for knowledge in the vast dog universe. She’s particularly smitten with Trick Training and Shaping, especially after coaching her buddy’s pooch to slam dunk a basketball!

There’s nothing more rewarding for her than to watch a doggo puzzle through a challenge, light up with a “Eureka!” moment, and prance away with a new swagger in their step.

When Shevi’s not out there making magic happen with our furry friends, you can bet she’s cozied up at home, teaching her trio of feline masterminds some new tricks, or getting lost in the wizarding world of Harry Potter. Mischief managed!

Sam Gower

Training & Behaviour

Let’s give a tail-wagging welcome to Sam, our dynamic trainer at Canine Connect, whose adventure with us began over 5 years ago, not as a trainer, but as a fellow pet parent with his Great Dane, Luna. His journey into the dog training realm kicked off with some help from our team, opening his eyes to the fascinating world of canine communication and behavior, and well, he’s been hooked ever since!

Fast forward a bit, and Sam made the leap from being on the client side of the leash to joining our pack as a staff member. You might have spotted him at either of our facilities, likely in the midst of leading one of our lively classes or just sharing a friendly chat.

When Sam’s not in dog whisperer mode (our loud mode), he’s probably deep in the heart of a tabletop role-playing game, bringing characters to life, brushing up on his miniature painting skills, or diving into all sorts of geeky endeavors.

So, if you happen to trot by Sam at any of our spots, don’t be shy to throw a “hello!” his way—he’s always up for a good natter, especially if it’s about dogs or dragons!

Aidan Old


Roll over the red carpet for Aidan, one of the latest pack leader to join the Canine Connect crew! Aidan has vaulted from the playful world of doggy daycare, where he became a pro at deciphering tail wags and playful barks, sparking his intrigue in the intricate dance of dog training. Growing up with dogs as his loyal sidekicks, he’s always been a true believer in the magic of a dog’s companionship.

When he’s not guiding dogs through their paces, you can catch Aidan chasing after a football, immersed in the latest video game, or cruising along the beach on his longboard. Stationed primarily at our Windamere location, Aidan is your go-to guy for anything from nerding out over dog training strategies to exchanging those tug-at-the-heartstrings tales about our four-legged pals. So, next time you’re around, don’t hesitate to strike up a conversation—Aidan’s always ready to lend an ear and share a story or two!

Emily Dennis


Emily’s love for all things fluffy and four-legged started when she was just knee-high, snuggling up to big, brave dogs like they were stuffed animals! Her first pal, Jesse the border collie, learned all the best tricks from toddler-trainer Emily, sparking a lifelong passion for dog training over dreams of becoming a vet.

Now a second-year Animal Behaviour student at the University of Adelaide, Emily is diving deep into the minds of our furry friends, learning just what makes them tick (and how to teach them to tick better!). When she’s not decoding doggie behaviors, you can find her either soaking up the great outdoors on a camping trip, riding the waves on her paddle board, or curled up at home catching some z’s after a long day of pup training. Emily lives a life full of tail wags, treats, and tons of outdoor adventure!