Training directly or indirectly?Posted on

If you are struggling with a behavioural issue or struggling to achieve a training goal, it may be worth taking a step back and ask… Should I approach this DIRECTLY or INDIRECTLY?

For example, dealing with ‘dog reactivity’. Some jump right into addressing their dogs behaviour DIRECTLY in presence of other dogs.

However, many need to step back and address this issue INDIRECTLY by focusing on their dogs obedience level, owner/dog relationship, owner handling and impulse control BEFORE bringing in other four legged friends.

On the weekend we were asked about achieving a strong ‘place’ skill in the presence of a cat. The client was struggling with this (training directly) so we advise to maybe take a step back and use lower less enticing distractions first like throwing toys, human distraction, food etc (training indirectly first).

Your dog may not be ready for the DIRECT approach and taking a step back and focusing on those skills that are not DIRECTLY related but INDIRECTLY prepare the dog and yourself for a far better outcome.

Give it a go and set yourself and your dog up for a better, more successful outcome.

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