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Recently we saw a Facebook thread about the use of muzzles and were surprised to see some who were concerned about how their dog’s appeared to others.

So, let’s be quite clear, MUZZLES save lives and their use and welfare to YOUR dog is far more important than their aesthetic appeal to those around you.

You can do much more serious damage to your dog’s welfare and your dogs breed in general by failing to use appropriate tools and causing an incident that could have been easily avoided.

Phoenix & Gang

Muzzles can be used for numerous reason but including:

  • Dog who have a habit of eating foreign materials in public (Puffer fish down the beach for example)
  • A dog who is injured or unwell can be safely seen to without risk of biting
  • Can give the owner of a dog with behavioural issues much needed confidence to take action
  • Dogs suffering from behavioural issues can take part in everyday activities

EVERY dog deserves the right to enjoy their surrounds without the risk of receiving or causing injury.


However, it is not just muzzles that receive far too much hate due to their appearance and it is important to also remember:

  • ALL TOOLS should receive training on their correct fitting and use
  • Most dogs should be conditioned to wear the tools they require
  • If you require the use of a tool (like a muzzle) or the service (Like a trainer, daycare or kennel) then do not be afraid to hold your head high for using one, you are doing the best you can for your dog.
  • If your dog is required to wear a muzzle by law, please do so! It is a requirement
  • If you are unsure about a tools use, fitting or training then seek PROFESSIONAL advice not anecdotal evidence.
  • Do not let fanatics, uneducated or ideologues embarrass, scare or shun you for the use of a tool that allows you as a guardians to have more control, implement safety measures and give your dog a more fulfilling life.

Lastly, in a world that is so preoccupied with self-image, remember your dog’s WELFARE and your RELATIONSHIP with them is a priority, not how those around you think.

You can learn more about muzzles, their use and training here.