The importance of foundationPosted on

The more dogs the CC Crew assist with two things become more and more apparent;

Companion Dogs with no or little foundation work will most likely develop behavioural issues


Foundation is still necessary to elicit change in behaviour, no matter the age or severity.

We see countless dogs and their guardians trying to address the visible symptoms of their dogs issues but not going back to basics and rebuilding strong foundations.

For dogs who are dog reactive on lead, there’s absolutely no point working around other dogs at the beginning, if loose leash walking and basic obedience doesn’t stack up.

So before focusing on the behaviour issue in front of you ask;
“how strong are my obedience skills?”
“Am I being clear with my communication?”
“What boundaries am I implementing?”
“Do I need professional assistance?”

And always remember to not put your dog in positions to exhibit the ‘bad’ behaviours in the first place.

It may save you a lot of time and heartache by going back to basics first!

Always consider that medical conditions need to be checked and elimated.

It’s never to late to begin! So why not begin today?

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