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One of the many things we love about our industry is how you can learn so much from other professionals and incorporate it into our own training.

We had the absolute pleasure of hosting Tammy from Precise K9 & Sharonika from Clear Canine for their ‘Art of Engagement’ workshop. Two amazing trainers who not only love canine behaviour as much as us but are champions in the world of Dog Sports.

No matter if you do not agree with everything, there is ALWAYS something you can learn and take away from the teachings of others.

For those aspiring dog trainers! ~ Go out, be a sponge, listen and work with as many trainers as you can. The more the better. One of the most valuable thing to a dog trainer is time, so go an offer some of yours to help clean equipment, set up/ pack up classes and show them you are committed to learning from them, show them your worth,

For those who are already trainers! ~ Go learn from as many trainers and canine professionals from as many different fields as possible. Tear down the walls and create more bridges. It will only help your training and benefit what we love the most, dogs.


If you do not follow these lovely ladies please do so as they are truly inspirations and some of the nicest and funniest people you will meet!group pic

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