Hello? Is anybody there? – Why we do not have a phone contactPosted on

“Hello this is Pickle speaking!”

We often get asked why we do not have a phone contact for our clients, and although inconvenient to some there are numerous reasons as to why that we would like to share with you!

1. The most important one for us is, FOCUS. When we are training our clients or their dogs, we want to have our focus fully on them and what we are doing. It only takes a split second to make a mistake with your training (and it will happen regardless) but answering numerous phone calls takes our focus away from them.We are sure our clients and their doggos wouldn’t appreciate that.

2. Email allows us to send you appropriate links, videos, photos. It allows us to forward you on to other services, colleagues and providers. Something we cannot do over the phone.

3. Canine Connect is not one individual trainer, it is an umbrella of currently 7 trainers. All with their own specialties, not just one will suit all needs. On email we can direct to the most appropriate for your needs.

4. We can be extremely busy, almost 7 days of the week. Sitting down and answering ALL the emails daily, in order received, when we are not rushing is what we believe it the best way to communicate correctly and give the request the thought and time it needs and you deserve.

5. We have a large client base, all with different needs and wants. Many of them have the same pet name (So many Lexi’s haha). Email allows us to go back through what we have discussed, planned and other communication to keep track.

6. Not one service will suit all needs. Email allows us to send you the information, links and booking process for each. Yes, they are templated and can seem ‘Copy & Paste’, but this saves a lot of time writing the SAME information, over and over again. The more time we save, the less costs go up.

7. As we deal with behaviour of companion dogs, it is IMPORTANT that we see you before we give you any solid advice or a diagnosis, not doing so would be questionably unethical. We need to understand your relationship with your dog, to see their body language, to do perform some physical testing and more.

In a world where everyone has their phones glued to their hands, we try to promote a less distracting work environment where the focus is on the dog and their needs.We humans often do not deserve the love we get from our canine companions, but the least we can do it give them the time they deserve, whether it be a clients dog or your own.


The best ways to get in touch with us is either directly through our website – www.canineconnect.com.au/contact

or email directly to training@canineconnect.com.au

Now this is not always fool proof, neither is a phone, we endeavour to return all contacts in 48 hours so if you do not hear from us please try again!