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Jussi: A Tibetan Mastiff’s Path to Triumph

Jussi is a Tibetan Mastiff who defied the odds and found his way from a place of misunderstanding to a haven of love and guidance at Canine Connect. Younger than 10 months old, Jussi entered Canine Connect’s doors with behavioural challenges. Resource guarding, fear towards strangers, and a lack of proper management, early development and […]

Zazu Zoom!

Most of you might have seen this pretty girl on our socials but I ensure you that looks can be deceiving! Zazu has the looks of an angel and the voice of a squealing pig 🐷 In Zazu’s previous home, she displayed boredom-related behaviours such as destruction and became an escape artist which unfortunately meant […]

Wilbur (Wee Man)

Weeman was a young 1-year-old mixed breed that came to us via Scruffer Lovers after being rescued from outback Australia. With a rough start to life and no training, he was destructive, over-excitable, and couldn’t relax. In June 2021 he spent 4 weeks with the Canine Connect crew to build up his basic obedience skills […]

Big Boy Beautiful Buster

Buster is a 60kg bundle of muscle (and friendliness) that we first worked with back in 2020. Back then, he came to us for a Board & Train to work on his leash pressure reactivity and confidence getting into and out of vehicles. Since Buster would fight pressure with all of his might it was […]

Darling Delilah

Delilah first came to us after we were contacted from ‘YP Puppy Rescue’, while in foster care Delilah began showing some concerning behaviours around resources, and mainly food.


Belles is a young Border Collie who first came to use from ‘Moving Paws Rescue’. Annabelle had been adopted from a questionable shelter to a family with small children. Oh, did we mention she is completely deaf?

Gunnar’s Story

Originally only booked in for a boarding visit is was soon noticed this dog was a serious boy and without professional intervention would not be able to be cared for properly.