Wilbur (Wee Man)

Weeman was a young 1-year-old mixed breed that came to us via Scruffer Lovers after being rescued from outback Australia. With a rough start to life and no training, he was destructive, over-excitable, and couldn’t relax.

In June 2021 he spent 4 weeks with the Canine Connect crew to build up his basic obedience skills and to get him ready to be adopted into a new home. Weeman did an amazing job during training and learned impulse control, manners, and new skills!

After being adopted by his new mum, Weeman (now known as Wilbur) came back to Canine Connect to continue his training journey with Dayschool sessions to help him settle into his new home and keep his behaviour moving forward.

We loved being a part of this special man’s journey and wish him all the best for his future. 

Being able to set him up for a new forever home was a special moment for all of the Canine Connect crew and to see him shine through his troubles and become such an amazing dog is what makes all the hard work worth it!