Zazu Zoom!

Most of you might have seen this pretty girl on our socials but I ensure you that looks can be deceiving! Zazu has the looks of an angel and the voice of a squealing pig 🐷

In Zazu’s previous home, she displayed boredom-related behaviours such as destruction and became an escape artist which unfortunately meant some animals were harmed. Her breeder sought us out to safely house her and build some better behaviours before finding her a suitable home.

Whilst Zazu was in our care we realised she was high energy, lacked independence, and the ability to self-settle. She required an outlet for her energy. Mental enrichment, management and training were key for her development and progression of behaviours. 

As her training continued she developed a strong bond with her trainers, her focus and engagement were increased and her spicy attitude mellowed out. It wasn’t long before Trainer Jess fell in love and she joined the Canine Connect Crew forever ❤

Zazu now lives very comfortably with a house full of dogs and cats, enjoys Hydrotherapy, GRC, and training and is a regular at her owner’s fitness class.

Zazu is a great example of how consistency with training, enrichment, an outlet for behaviours and management can create better behaviours.