Big Boy Beautiful Buster

Buster is a 60kg bundle of muscle (and friendliness) that we first worked with back in 2020.

Back then, he came to us for a Board & Train to work on his leash pressure reactivity and confidence getting into and out of vehicles. Since Buster would fight pressure with all of his might it was important for us to show him how rewarding it could be to come under pressure so that his mum could take him in the car safely and take him for walks.

Buster did a fantastic job on his Board & Train journey and became a fast favourite with all of our staff with his big heart! Lucky for us, Buster became a regular for Canine Connect and has since done regular Dayschools, and then earlier in 2022 he completed our Basic Obedience Group Class with us! Just last month while staying with us for a few weeks he even got to meet all of our new staff while his mum recovered from surgery. They all immediately fell in love with him – it really is impossible to resist his happy face!

We love having the opportunity to help dogs be the best they can be through obedience training and confidence building. Buster now enjoys his days being an old lady around the house but still loves to see his “girls” at Hedgegrove! His owner has continued with his training which has kept his skills sharp and we know he has the best future ahead of him.

I can not speak highly enough of The CC Trainers . My Staffy loves going to Day School sessions after attending board and train last year. He gets so excited to see everyone. He is doing so well with their help and is so confident. I never stop being surprised at his progress and how much he loves to train.. They have given us the skills to do training at home and are always there when we need advice. Thankyou CC Crew you have made such a difference in Buster and my relationship and our bond continues to grow. Im excited to see where we will be in the future as our skills improve with your help ☺

Buster’s owner