Darling Delilah

Delilah first came to us after we were contacted from ‘YP Puppy Rescue’, while in foster care Delilah began showing some concerning behaviours around resources, and mainly food.

After some initial testing from the CC Crew, it was confirmed that Delilah definitely had some issues around resources and certainly had a perception that people around her food were a definite threat.

In conjunction with our known techniques for this behaviour, we used this case to extend our knowledge and utilise some new techniques to help Delilah reach her goals.

We are happy to say Darlin’ Delilah flourished under the care of the CC Crew and particularly Trainer Aimee, to overcome her resource guarding issues and increase her skillset in obedience and tricks!

Delilah will hopefully soon find a new home who will understand her, her behaviours and be the role models to help her continue to flourish.