A beginners guide to muzzle training

Canine Connect is proud to present our first training video on ‘Muzzle Training’. Learn how to help your dog be comfortable with wearing a muzzle! Muzzle training is extremely easy, fun and you do not have to buy a muzzle to do it!

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Dog bites: the subtle warning signs

Reports of dog bites are a common occurrence online and in the news, and whenever a new one appears a wave of hysteria spreads, much to the concern of most responsible canine professionals. The news reports these incidents as being the nature of a certain breed, or that the dog attacked “out of the blue”, […]

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The power of crate training

Crate training uses your dogs natural den instinct of creating a place to sleep, live and raise a family into a way of creating a place in your home the dog can retreat and feel safe and secure. Learn how you can use crate training in your home.

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Cats and Dogs: Can we be friends?

A dog chasing a cat is an image we are all used to on Saturday morning cartoons and we all know the feud these two species have is legendary.

But does it have to be this way? Can’t we all just get along?

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cat and dog