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We are living in a society where dogs have become a huge part of our lives. Many of us have the greatest intentions on providing our dogs with the very best life, however, sometimes we forget that they’re dogs and they require more than just the best quality dry food and the cutest lead and collar set available

It’s vital for our dogs to be physically active each day, however, it’s equally important for them to be mentally stimulated multiple times a day, too.  We at Canine Connect believe in, ‘training smarter, not harder’ and we encourage owners to look for opportunities throughout the day to mentally stimulate their dogs to better their quality of life.


Dogs are genetically built to tackle challenging activities, in fact, they thrive on it. If dogs are not having their physical and mental needs met, they will start to look for ways to entertain themselves. Their ways include but are not limited to, destruction of the backyard/furniture, excessive barking, escaping and obsessive type behaviours. Many of these behaviours can be avoided by ensuring your dog’s mental and physical needs are being met on a daily basis.

A fantastic and easy time to mentally stimulate your dog is during their meal times! This means…. THROW OUT  THE DOG BOWL. Extending your dog’s meal time from one minute in a standard dog bowl, to ten, possibly more through other creative deliveries, is a fantastic way to provide a daily dose of enrichment, problem solving and just plain old FUN!

Check out our videos to see the various and creative ways you can feed your best mate .

Happy training!