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Did you know, that many issues such as resource guarding, reactivity towards dogs/animals/people, low self-esteem and more have arisen because as puppies, these dogs didn’t receive ANY or the correct type of socialization?

Imagine if there was a puppy school that correctly socialized puppies and set them up to be ‘bombproof,’ with the ability to confidently tackle life with their head held high…


Well, have no fear, our carefully designed ‘Superpups’ puppy school is here! All little heroes have to start from somewhere, right? Well, by bringing your puppy to our puppy class, you and your pup will learn useful information and a range of activities to not just help you bond with your pup, but to also socialize them with many sensory experiences that they will encounter during their life.

Why is it important to socialize my dog?

Puppies have a critical period of learning from birth to 16 weeks of age. By the time you receive your puppy (around 8 to 10 weeks of age), you basically have 2 months to set the groundwork for training and to socialize them with as many objects, situations, animals, smells and surfaces as you can.12716382_530303643797689_7706561243752153792_o

What will I learn in your Superpups class?

Our five session course includes, but are not limited to topics such as;

  • Intro to Sit, Drop and Stand
  • Intro to leave it and recall
  • Engagement games and focus
  • Dealing with problem behaviours
  • Owner empowerment
  • Correct socialization

We have a strong passion for building self confidence in puppies, and their owners. Our training philosophy includes setting dogs up to succeed and teaching them where the advantage lies for completing the right behaviours. We heavily focus on engagement activities because without your dog’s focus, it’s A LOT harder to train your dog, and even then, their skills won’t be reliable

Most importantly we strive to make our sessions fun and enjoyable for all!

Do you have a new pup? Want to come a long to our session and make them a ‘Superpup’? The contact us here to find out more information or enroll.