With experience working in industrial, hospitality, charity and creative industries, Canine Connect is run by a team of passionate dog professionals from a variety of backgrounds. Learn more about them here. These are the faces of Canine Connect.

Meet the team


Director & Founder

My name is Scott, I am a professional Canine Trainer and Behaviour Specialist, my main goal is to improve the connection between dogs and their handlers in Adelaide, South Australia.

What I love most in my work is building confidence in my clients and to get out and active with their dogs. Helping you to better understand how your dog thinks gives you the ability to enhance the already close relationship you have with your canine companion. In a modern world our canine friends are lacking in correct socialisation and environmental enrichment but with a little guidance and management  we can all achieve a better world for them.

Growing up I always had dogs close by and I have always had a strong natural connection with our four legged friends. There’s nothing like growing up with a dog to teach a boy loyalty, love and respect, and that’s what my dogs taught me.

In my early years I began working for one of Adelaide’s first and leading dog daycares, and within the first year I was recognised for my ability to handle a large number of dogs of different breeds and size. It was here I was fortunate to be mentored by some of Adelaide’s leading canine professionals including vets, groomers, rescues and other trainers and behaviourists. I still stay in contact with these experts to this day.

After completing my studies with The National Dog trainers Federations I continued my pathway with animal management, canine training and behaviour by mentoring under some of Australia’s leading industry experts. I continue my learning on a daily basis as I believe it should never stop.

Today I not only run group and private sessions with canine guardians but I also assist in the behaviour rehabilitation of mild to severe cases. Developing and implementation of proper animal management programs, visual communication, infection control policies, handler training programs are a big part of my daily working life and I enjoy every minute of it.

Aside from training I am also the acting General Manager of Hedgegrove Boarding Kennels & Cattery which helps to continue building my experience and knowledge of companion animals. Many of my current clients choose to board there animals with me for either training or if they wish to take a holiday knowing their animals are left with someone they know and trust.

I use an easy to understand process and by keeping in regular contact I hope to help you on your journey connecting with your dog and igniting change!


Kato is Scott’s partner in crime, he is a 5 year old Siberian Husky and the reason he continues to love doing what he does every day. Kato enjoys running along the beach on the Yorke Peninsula and is always up for a ride in the car or having someone give him a pat.

He is a very vocal boy and always sings his best songs in the morning or before a walk. Kato lives for his training sessions and especially likes expanding his trick repertoire.

Scott’s favourite thing about Kato is having the confidence in him to take him almost every where he goes and enjoying his true companionship.


Dog Training & Behaviour Specialist

Aleisha bring a new level of experience and knowledge to the CC Crew! With a background with working with prosecution dogs with the RSPCA, managing dog daycare and leadership roles at multiple boarding facilities, Aleisha has experience many dream of, she is kind of a big deal!

The main part of dogs she loves is their ability to live in the moment and to get over the past. Aleisha spends her time rehabilitating multiple dogs and bringing some light back into their lives. Every day is different, every dog is different, and she totally involves herself into her training and rehabilitation of the dog in front of her. Helping her clients reach that ‘Light bulb’ moment in their training is what she craves every day. A thoughtful and compassionate approach to her training, she definitely brings the softer touch that some of our clients need.

Dogs have taught Aleisha to be patient and fiercely believe in herself!

Ruskee & Jayla

This double trouble are the apple of Aleisha’s eye!

Ruskee have a major love of life and adores ‘her people’. Her confidence and trust in her handlers allows her to constantly try new skills and reach new goals! She is a a stunning girl with a big booty, rambunctious attitude and can be just as vocal as Kato.

Jayla is the youngest member of the CC Crew and is the one sweet and cuddle gal! It has been an honour to watch Jayla’s confidence grow from consistent positive experiences and clear communication. She is a fantastic example of how engagement is to your training regime.


Canine Trainer

Sam is the youngest member of our dynamic team but do not let that fool you, her passion and energy for dogs and behaviour is second to none! A recent graduate from the National Dog Trainers Federation, Sam has always had an affinity with animals and has trained and rescued several of her own.

While Aleisha & Scott are at the helm of Canine Connect, Sam is definitely the cog that keeps everything moving. Sam has dedicated her past 2 years volunteering her time to learn more about training, behaviour and to assist the CC team to show just how passionate she is. Now a full fledged and essential member of the team, Sam is here to help you and your dog reach new goals!


Fly is Sam’s little sidekick and to say she is a character is an understatement! Fly was incredibly lucky to be rescued by Sam from YP Rescue after she was discovered on the side of a road at 4 weeks of age. Tiny, terrified and extremely unconfident, Sam has helped Fly come out of her shell and find meaning in her life.

Fly is now a trick training master and gets more confident with everyday under Sam’s guidance.