Zimba's Doggy Dayschool Report


It was a PLEASURE training with your pooch today and we look forward to continuing to help you achieve your goals, skills and improve your relationship.

Your journey does not end here, it has only just begun!

"I trained hard, I played hard! Please find below the skills we worked on and my results. I look forward to showing you what I learnt and working on them more with you!" If you have any questions about the skills we trained please feel free to contact todays trainer."

Skill Comment We focused on Grade
Skill learnt: Trick Training Comment: We introduced Zimba to a new trick skill for some fun. We used a soccer ball, getting Zimba to boop it forward, with the aim to eventually get him to hit it towards a set of goals. At first just rewarded Zimba for interacting with the new, strange object. Zimba consistently touched it, but not hard enough to move it. Once he was nudging it consistently we then only paid him when he managed to get the ball moving forward. With Zimba finishing the lesson happily smacking it forward. Focus: Repetition A+
Skill learnt: Place Training Comment: Zimba went over the basics of his place skill, doing a reminder lesson. We practiced sending him to the bed from a distance while on a long line. Zimba was cheeky throughout the lesson, showing he remembers the skill but seeing if he can get away with not listening to the trainer. He had a lot of good repetitions, although having a lot of times where he made his way towards the bed, putting a few of his paws up before turning around and jumping off the bed without finishing the skill. By the end of the lesson, his place skill was more reliable, going and standing on the bed almost every time he was asked. Focus: Obedience B
Skill learnt: Targeting (touch) Comment: Zimba revisited his hold skill, using the touch stick. As we started the lesson, Zimba was happy to touch the stick to get a treat, although lacking duration. We focused on getting him to put the stick in his mouth consistently, only rewarding him for grabbing onto it. As he started to grab it we worked on getting him to start holding it in his mouth for longer periods, getting him to hold onto it for up to 2 second at a time by the end of the lesson. Focus: Repetition A+

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A: Outstanding (90 – 100%) I understand my training, Neat & Complete! Ready to move on to higher difficulty & distraction
B: Great Work (80-89%) I mostly understand, Almost neat & complete! Needs practice in some areas. Mild distractions
C: Well DoneĀ (70-79%) Some good progress. Needs work, but on my way. Still learning. Low distractions.
D: Beginning (60-69%) My journey is just beginning, I don’t understand just yet. Introduction phase. No distraction.
E: Unable to Progress. Needs major focus, seek further options to assist.

X: Not gradable, the focus was on Enrichment, Socialisation & Engagement.


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