Teddy's Doggy Dayschool Report


It was a PLEASURE training with your pooch today and we look forward to continuing to help you achieve your goals, skills and improve your relationship.

Your journey does not end here, it has only just begun!

"I trained hard, I played hard! Please find below the skills we worked on and my results. I look forward to showing you what I learnt and working on them more with you!" If you have any questions about the skills we trained please feel free to contact todays trainer."

Skill Comment We focused on Grade
Skill learnt: Recall Comment: Our first session for today focused on Teddy’s recall. After initially accessing Teddy’s abilities and recall level, the trainer decided to take him one step further. Hence, this skill was completed in one of our playpen areas so Teddy could be off lead to increase the distance between him and the trainer. Despite the various distractions outside, Teddy’s engagement was great and focused entirely on the trainer, mainly because of the food rewards involved. To see further improvement in his recall, increase the distance and level of distractions at home. Focus: Distance B+
Skill learnt: Loose Lead (No pull) Comment: The second session with Teddy was his loose lead. He shows good engagement and a nice pace when walking. There were various distractions in the outside environment that created a more challenging aspect for Teddy. Overall, he demonstrates the skill with confidence and the constant reinforcement of treats can gradually be faded out further with practice. Keep up the great work! Focus: Distraction B+
Skill learnt: Targeting (touch) Comment: Our final session with Teddy was something new and fun! We introduced a new skill which involved Teddy picking up a ball and dropping it. The overall aim is to pick up the ball or toy and drop it into a box/basket. However, this will require a lot more practice to reach that stage. Hence we’ve just begun with some target touching to introduce the foundations of the skill. This involves rewarding Teddy any time he touches the basket, picks up and drops the ball. Through building this positive association, he will gradually build an understanding of the task. Feel free to give it a practice at home! Focus: Conditioning C

We recommend your next step should be…

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A: Outstanding (90 – 100%) I understand my training, Neat & Complete! Ready to move on to higher difficulty & distraction
B: Great Work (80-89%) I mostly understand, Almost neat & complete! Needs practice in some areas. Mild distractions
C: Well Done (70-79%) Some good progress. Needs work, but on my way. Still learning. Low distractions.
D: Beginning (60-69%) My journey is just beginning, I don’t understand just yet. Introduction phase. No distraction.
E: Unable to Progress. Needs major focus, seek further options to assist.

X: Not gradable, the focus was on Enrichment, Socialisation & Engagement.


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