Pyro's Doggy Dayschool Report


It was a PLEASURE training with your pooch today and we look forward to continuing to help you achieve your goals, skills and improve your relationship.

Your journey does not end here, it has only just begun!

"I trained hard, I played hard! Please find below the skills we worked on and my results. I look forward to showing you what I learnt and working on them more with you!" If you have any questions about the skills we trained please feel free to contact todays trainer."

Skill Comment We focused on Grade
Skill learnt: Loose Lead (No pull) Comment: We kicked off the day with Pyro's loose lead walking. Initially entering the classroom with little engagement, Pyro quickly tuned into the trainer as we conducted repetitions. The focus was on building his engagement, walking alongside him, and rewarding him as soon as he looked up. Despite occasional loss of focus leading to pulling ahead, Pyro readily redirected his attention to the trainer, allowing us to continue our walk with him by our side. Focus: Repetition C+
Skill learnt: Place Training Comment: Transitioning to the Place skill, Pyro demonstrated a basic understanding but displayed a cheeky tendency to step off the bed when he felt done. The lesson focused on reinforcing the boundaries of the skill, emphasizing the importance of staying on the bed until given the release word. Additionally, engagement work was incorporated, continuing to teach Pyro how to interact with his trainer during training sessions Focus: Back to Basics C
Skill learnt: Targeting (touch) Comment: Pyro was introduced to his Touch skill, accomplished by using a stick placed in front of him. Upon Pyro interacting with the stick, we marked 'yes' and rewarded him with a treat. This process continued, providing a treat each time he booped the stick with his nose. This activity stimulated Pyro's mind, enhancing his mental enrichment, and simultaneously building engagement and his food drive. Pyro enthusiastically touched the stick at the beginning, eagerly accepting a treat each time. However, as we progressed through repetitions, Pyro started to lose interest in the treats, resulting in a decline in interest in the skill. We persisted in attempting to enhance the value of treats and the connection with his trainer, leading to moments of on-and-off engagement for the remainder of the lesson. Focus: Foundation C

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A: Outstanding (90 – 100%) I understand my training, Neat & Complete! Ready to move on to higher difficulty & distraction
B: Great Work (80-89%) I mostly understand, Almost neat & complete! Needs practice in some areas. Mild distractions
C: Well DoneĀ (70-79%) Some good progress. Needs work, but on my way. Still learning. Low distractions.
D: Beginning (60-69%) My journey is just beginning, I don’t understand just yet. Introduction phase. No distraction.
E: Unable to Progress. Needs major focus, seek further options to assist.

X: Not gradable, the focus was on Enrichment, Socialisation & Engagement.


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