Poppy's Doggy Dayschool Report


It was a PLEASURE training with your pooch today and we look forward to continuing to help you achieve your goals, skills and improve your relationship.

Your journey does not end here, it has only just begun!

"I trained hard, I played hard! Please find below the skills we worked on and my results. I look forward to showing you what I learnt and working on them more with you!" If you have any questions about the skills we trained please feel free to contact todays trainer."

Skill Comment We focused on Grade
Skill learnt: Trick Training Comment: For her first session today Poppy worked some more on her hold skill. We focused on duration and using some of that healthy frustration to really push her! She did pretty good today, if she didn’t hold it for quite as long as we wanted we said “try again” and withheld the treat. You could see her really thinking about it and going back to try again! Keep pushing her with this one! Focus: Duration B
Skill learnt: Trick Training Comment: For her second session today we worked on her paws over eyes skill. Since she wasn’t that fussed on the tape for class we decided to try a headband. This worked really well! The pressure the headband applied on her head was enough for her to paw at it. This is a big win, now we know something that works we can start to mark the behaviour and slowly work on introducing a visual signal! Towards the end of her session though a certain someone named Jess entered the classroom and Poppy lost focus. We were able to regain it by releasing her and moving a bit further away! Focus: Foundation C+
Skill learnt: Drop/ Down Comment: For her last session today we worked on her emergency drops in the cattery. She was super distracted for this last session and was taking a really long time to get into position. We decided to focus on just her drops for the remainder of the session, we were only rewarding her for attempts that were quick. Her focus did get much better towards the end but we had to be careful where we trained throughout the cattery as cat movement was a big distraction for her. We could work her at a distance with cats in sight but need to be frequent with the treats to keep her focused. Poppy was very distracted by other dogs as well today, we had to be careful with which dogs we worked around. She had one moment of reactivity but it didn’t last very long. Focus: Distraction B

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A: Outstanding (90 – 100%) I understand my training, Neat & Complete! Ready to move on to higher difficulty & distraction
B: Great Work (80-89%) I mostly understand, Almost neat & complete! Needs practice in some areas. Mild distractions
C: Well Done (70-79%) Some good progress. Needs work, but on my way. Still learning. Low distractions.
D: Beginning (60-69%) My journey is just beginning, I don’t understand just yet. Introduction phase. No distraction.
E: Unable to Progress. Needs major focus, seek further options to assist.

X: Not gradable, the focus was on Enrichment, Socialisation & Engagement.


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