Bo-peep's Doggy Dayschool Report


It was a PLEASURE training with your pooch today and we look forward to continuing to help you achieve your goals, skills and improve your relationship.

Your journey does not end here, it has only just begun!

"I trained hard, I played hard! Please find below the skills we worked on and my results. I look forward to showing you what I learnt and working on them more with you!" If you have any questions about the skills we trained please feel free to contact todays trainer."

Skill Comment We focused on Grade
Skill learnt: Conditioning Comment: For her first session the trainer wanted to help tackle her jumping behaviour. As we have mentioned before we rarely see this behaviour here with us during training, hwoeber this is understandable, while she is here she is pretty switched on to the fact she is here to work so in order to get her to show the behaviour the trainer took her into the classroom and started trying different things to get her to jump so we could work on it. The trainer noticed that it was less to do with Bo and had a lot more to do with how the trainer was interacting with her, if they came in with high energy she would match this and the jumping behaviour was more likely to happen, it’s important to note that while we can help give her better behaviours when she is confronted with this scenario that people also play a role in settling her down and teach the right behaviours, approaching her slowly and calmly will help her maintain her good behaviours. To help every time Bo would go to jump on the trainer out of excitement they would stop all movement and go still, give Bo her “uh-uh” marker and wait for her to sit or drop, once she did this the fun was continued. Bo has a great understanding of her markers, so communicating what behaviour we wanted from her was very easy today and by the end of the session she was choosing to sit or drop every time she went to go jump! While she may need a bit more work on this, this session has proven again how quickly you can teach Bo due to her markers being so strong. Focus: Repetition B
Skill learnt: Place Training Comment: Like her first session the trainer wanted to work on some good behaviours again to help with her jumping. Another super useful skill with this is place so the trainer did a session on this. Similar to the first session they would get Bo nice and excited and jazzed up and when she would go to jump they would ask her to go to place. Each and every time she would stop what she was doing and go to place and wait. She did really well this session with this skill getting both worked up and then listening to commands and actually just going to place on her own when things where getting a little too high energy. Again like mentioned in the first session we rarely see these behaviours here when she is training, this could be because she knows this place is a place to work on her skills but the trainer also noticed again the energy you approach Bo with will have a effect on her reaction to you, noticing this and then working it into her greetings is vital. Instead of trying to meet new people as they come through the door, get Bo on place or in a sit and ask the person coming through to be slow and low energy, approach her on place and greet her here instead of allowing her free range. Focus: Manners B+
Skill learnt: Exposure Comment: Like usual the trainer finished the day with doing some off lead work with Bo in the play pens. This was another fantastic session today, she was worked on her drops, sits, loose lead walking, spin and impulse control. The highlight of this session was when the trainer was able to get Bo into a drop and not only walk around the other play pens while she remained in place they were able to actually run around with high energy and she stayed in her drop! This was fantastic and the trainer was very impressed as this is what we have been training all day and she was now smashing it! If you’re still seeing the jumping behaviour at home we highly suggest coming in for a private chat about this, without more information of exactly when this is happening at home we can only keep doing what we have been doing today here, however in order to see true results we need to make sure what’s happening here and at home is consistent with each other to get the best results possible out of both Bo and Woody. Focus: Obedience A

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A: Outstanding (90 – 100%) I understand my training, Neat & Complete! Ready to move on to higher difficulty & distraction
B: Great Work (80-89%) I mostly understand, Almost neat & complete! Needs practice in some areas. Mild distractions
C: Well Done (70-79%) Some good progress. Needs work, but on my way. Still learning. Low distractions.
D: Beginning (60-69%) My journey is just beginning, I don’t understand just yet. Introduction phase. No distraction.
E: Unable to Progress. Needs major focus, seek further options to assist.

X: Not gradable, the focus was on Enrichment, Socialisation & Engagement.


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