Wilson's Walk-About Report


What a great day for an outing! It was our PLEASURE to take your dog for a walk-about today.

After their walk today you may find they will either be full of energy with a second boost of adrenaline or they will be out like a light snoozing off today's accomplishments. Either way, they deserve it!

Please find below some quick notes from our team for how Wilson was during their time with us.

Wilson's overall feedback

Itty Bitty Baby Wilson! He LOVED his walk-about adventure! He explored all the sights and his wiggly butt visited every tree and rock we walked by! He loved following his fellow doggies and play bowed with one of them! It was the cutest thing ever!! The baby was tired by the end of it and was carried back to the van where he took a nap the whole drive back to the kennels. Safe to say he enjoyed himself!