Sampson's Walk-About Report


What a great day for an outing! It was our PLEASURE to take your dog for a walk-about today.

After their walk today you may find they will either be full of energy with a second boost of adrenaline or they will be out like a light snoozing off today's accomplishments. Either way, they deserve it!

Please find below some quick notes from our team for how Sampson was during their time with us.

Sampson's overall feedback

Sampson was very excitable to start off with his training at the park. By utilising his drops while walking we were able to redirect his focus back to the trainer and increase his engagement. Once he had settled he did walk quite nicely, only needing the odd gentle reminder to come back to the trainer every now and then. Practicing his loose lead around this higher level of distractions will help prepare him for his wedding walk by increasing his focus and engagement. His drops while walking were very good at the start but he did start to struggle with listening near the end. Keep practising drops while walking to help him stay focused while training at the wedding venue, especially as he can get overexcited easily. We also practiced some middles work as this is a great control position to keep Sampson out of trouble at the wedding!