Poppy's Walk-About Report


What a great day for an outing! It was our PLEASURE to take your dog for a walk-about today.

After their walk today you may find they will either be full of energy with a second boost of adrenaline or they will be out like a light snoozing off today's accomplishments. Either way, they deserve it!

Please find below some quick notes from our team for how Poppy was during their time with us.

Poppy's overall feedback

For her training today we took Poppy out to the local park again to work on her skills in a more distracting environment. Poppy did struggle with her loose lead for about the first 5-10 minutes but by using the planted feet method and having her correct herself she started walking besides the trainer. We also practiced some emergency drops while walking - she wasn't too bad but would sometimes not do it if the trainer didn't have her full attention first so this is something to continue working on. We Alps did some paws up and middles when having rest breaks which she did well with (even if she wouldn't focus on the trainer for photos!). She did an amazing job with her walking buddy Arlo, she had no reactivity towards him even when walking only a few metres behind him. She did struggle a few times with fomo so continuing to practice these walks will help her start engaging better with the trainer rather than what is going on in front or around her (she was very interested in quite a few joggers, even with them far away!).