Bunji's Walk-About Report


What a great day for an outing! It was our PLEASURE to take your dog for a walk-about today.

After their walk today you may find they will either be full of energy with a second boost of adrenaline or they will be out like a light snoozing off today's accomplishments. Either way, they deserve it!

Please find below some quick notes from our team for how Bunji was during their time with us.

Bunji's overall feedback

Bunji did a very good job during his training session at the park today. Initially his loose lead was quite poor but after turning around each time he pulled ahead he starred to settle. He did have another dog in front that was distracting at the start but as the walk progressed he was able to focus on the trainer and was giving regular engagement from about halfway through the walk. His loose lead got much better as the session progress and he was able to walk nicely behind the other dog for majority of the walk. We also practiced emergency drops while walking - he was quite good at the start with minimal hand signals but near the end he was getting a little distracted with his drops and needed a hand signal to drop into them. All around he did really well and had no reactivity towards the other dog. He loose lead skill and drop skill needs a bit more work in high distraction environments but he can engage and listen well for the most part.