Biggie's Walk-About Report


What a great day for an outing! It was our PLEASURE to take your dog for a walk-about today.

After their walk today you may find they will either be full of energy with a second boost of adrenaline or they will be out like a light snoozing off today's accomplishments. Either way, they deserve it!

Please find below some quick notes from our team for how Biggie was during their time with us.

Biggie's overall feedback

Biggie was very eager for his walk - he did pull quite a bit throughout the walk so this is something to work on at home. He was a bit distracted by his walking buddy (Snowdon the Samoyed) but definitely enjoyed exploring new areas. He did get quite tired near the end and let us know when he was done with the walk so we expect he will have a good sleep in the kennels this afternoon! His favourite part was playing in the fountain at the end to cool off from the heat.