Author: Scott McGuinness

Learn to Learn From Others

One of the many things we love about our industry is how you can learn so much from other professionals and incorporate it into our own training. We had the absolute pleasure of hosting Tammy from Precise K9 & Sharonika from Clear Canine for their ‘Art of Engagement’ workshop. Two amazing trainers who not only […]

Why We Train Tricks

Many would see our work on our social pages and think we focus mainly on ‘tricks’, but did you know our main passion and drive is the rehabilitation and modification of dog behaviour? We love nothing more than helping a dog reach a better level of mental health and building stronger relationships for our furry […]

The Value of Rewards

Time again we hear “my dog isn’t motivated by food/toys’ and time again we find the opposite true. This is not magic, it’s experimentation and experience. Using the wrong type of reward in your training can not only plateau your progress but damage your relationship with the dog. Have you spent time getting to know […]

To sniff or not to sniff?

Did you know that your dog navigates the world by using their nose? Their sense of smell is 1000-10000 times more powerful than ours which means, while we rely on our eyes to take in our surroundings, our dogs are relying on their nose and are analyzing all of the different smells in their environment. […]

Fear & Anxiety: Be the change your dog needs

Today is Halloween, an occasion which is becoming increasingly popular here in Australia and arguably the spookiest day of the year. So we thought, what a perfect opportunity to discuss ‘fear’ & ‘anxiety’ in our dogs. Fear & anxiety are natural feelings we all go through, whether human or canine. These feelings are necessary and are what […]

Introducing ‘Superpups’ Puppy School!

Did you know, that many issues such as resource guarding, reactivity towards dogs/animals/people, low self-esteem and more have arisen because as puppies, these dogs didn’t receive ANY or the correct type of socialization? Imagine if there was a puppy school that correctly socialized puppies and set them up to be ‘bombproof,’ with the ability to confidently […]