Annabelle, Belles, Belly Bum Bum. This beautiful girl goes by many names from the CC Crew and her carers from both Hedgegrove & Windamere.

Belles is a young Border Collie who first came to use from ‘Moving Paws Rescue’. Annabelle had been adopted from a questionable shelter to a family with small children. Oh, did we mention she is completely deaf?

During her time with this family, it was obvious some areas could have been managed better a Annabelle had managed to bite all the children she was living with.

When she first came to us, she was reserved, fearful, little to no training and had learnt through reinforcement that to stop things happen it was easier to ‘bite first and ask questions later’. She was badly matted and unable to be groomed without the use of heavy sedatives.

Trainers Aleisha & Scott took a very slow and soft approach to show Annabelle we were not a threat but (little did we know then) her new family! Once she learnt the fun she could have with training she absolutely flourished and completely surprised even he trainers to her abilities.

The daily structure of kennel life also assisted in her becoming comfortable and increasing her confidence. Annabelle now lives between our two facilities and has become a much loved family member to the CC Crew and can also be groomed without medication or muzzle.