It is a little bit scary being first time dog owners, with so much information available it is hard to know what to trust.

Scott helped us when Rusty was displaying domineering behaviours as a young pup. Scott immediately formed a ‘master’ connection with Rusty and Rusty responded to his every command! Scott provides valuable and experienced advice and has helped us establish a healthy relationship with our dog.

Kim & Bear


Thinking of attending the Canine Carnivale? You absolutely MUST!!

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David & Tayla


We used to get so bored with normal obedience training, but the Carnivale is is fun for us, fun for the dogs, and just a really quirky and cool idea.

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Anne & Flame

Flame Blue Heeler

Scott's really helped with Flame. Very encouraging and helpful! Definitely going to follow through with any other classes he offers!

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Tracey & Ruby

Ruby Moodle

We were struggling with obedience and reactivity issues when we met Canine Connect. With Scott"s help we have built a strong relationship with Ruby and have a much more confident dog.

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