Lisa & Shadow

I’d had family dogs before, but I didn’t really know a lot about owning my own dog until I got Shadow. A pup was a lot harder than I expected & I was very lucky to have Scott’s help early on.

He’s taught me a lot about training techniques & behavioural adjustment. Because of the time we’ve spent with Scott & Kato, the relationship Shadow & I have is very strong & it continues to develop in a positive manner every day.

Kim & Bear


Thinking of attending the Canine Carnivale? You absolutely MUST!!

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David & Tayla


We used to get so bored with normal obedience training, but the Carnivale is is fun for us, fun for the dogs, and just a really quirky and cool idea.

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Anne & Flame

Flame Blue Heeler

Scott's really helped with Flame. Very encouraging and helpful! Definitely going to follow through with any other classes he offers!

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Tracey & Ruby

Ruby Moodle

We were struggling with obedience and reactivity issues when we met Canine Connect. With Scott"s help we have built a strong relationship with Ruby and have a much more confident dog.

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