We’ve loved working with our clients and their dogs over the last 5 years. Here is what a few of them have said about their experience with Canine Connect.


Kim & Bear

Thinking of attending the Canine Carnivale? You absolutely MUST!! Fun and informative classes focusing on engagement and your relationship with your canine pal. I learnt so much that I can continue to put in practice with new skills. I found Scott and Aleisha always available if you have questions or help refining issues. I’ll definitely be back for more classes on offer!


David & Tayla

Canine Carnivale is a really fun way to do training. We used to get so bored with the normal obedience training that was around when our dogs were puppies that we just stopped doing it, but the Carnivale is is fun for us, fun for the dogs, and just a really quirky and cool idea.

Flame Blue Heeler

Anne & Flame

Scott’s really helped with Flame. Very encouraging and helpful!

We just went through his basics class and I’ve learned more through Scott than I did through a year of obedience classes at a club.

Definitely going to follow through with any other classes he offers!

Ruby Moodle

Tracey & Ruby

We were struggling with obedience and reactivity issues when we met Canine Connect. With Scott”s help we have built a strong relationship with Ruby and have a much more confident dog.

Scott is very knowledgeable, helpful and has great rapport with the dogs and owners. Classes are very enjoyable with lots of individual attention, encouragement and support.

We cant thank Canine Connect enough and have no hesitation in recommending them.

Mia Dalmatian

Sam & Mia

I am so appreciative of the personal care Scott has given Mia and the education he has given my family. I am a first time dog owner and have a very energetic beautiful Dalmatian.

Scott came for a home visit and straight away I felt more confident to raise an obedient dog. I have just finished ‘Superpups Puppy School’ with Aleisha and she was amazing too! Mia has already settled down and completed every task, I am looking forward to the next step ‘Basic Obedience’

Thank guys!!

Samson Great Dane

Jess & Samson

Cannot thank you guys enough for looking after my boy Samson. I have only had him back for a couple of hours from the board and train. I am so amazed by the training of him and the awesome instructions on how to continue. He has learned so much and so have I.

You could really tell that he wasn’t just another job and that you really cared about him. I loved all the photos, videos and phone calls while I was away updating me. Would highly recommend it to anyone. Look forward to continue training him to be the best Dane he can be!


Sarah & Phoenix

Scott and Aleisha have been working with me and my dog Phoenix for the past 6 months and I have the utmost respect for them both. The care and attention they have shown as well as their professionalism, has been terrific. I know they are doing everything they can to help Phoenix and me achieve our goals.


Shannon & Piper

Scott from Canine Connect is a fantastic educator who is incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about our four legged friends! We attended the basic obedience class last year and haven’t looked back since. We have changed the way we think about training our dog and how we interact with her, even our friends and family have noticed a difference! Thanks Scott!


Jade & Micah

It did not take long for me to feel overwhelmed when I got my first puppy. Scott was great at helping me understand my dog better and putting us on the right path. His connection with my dog was immediate and I was extremely impressed by his friendly and professional manner.

We now see Scott regularly for guidance and my relationship with my dog is stronger than I ever thought possible!



It is a little bit scary being first time dog owners, with so much information available it is hard to know what to trust.

Scott helped us when Rusty was displaying domineering behaviours as a young pup. Scott immediately formed a ‘master’ connection with Rusty and Rusty responded to his every command! Scott provides valuable and experienced advice and has helped us establish a healthy relationship with our dog.


Lisa & Shadow

I’d had family dogs before, but I didn’t really know a lot about owning my own dog until I got Shadow. A pup was a lot harder than I expected & I was very lucky to have Scott’s help early on.

He’s taught me a lot about training techniques & behavioural adjustment. Because of the time we’ve spent with Scott & Kato, the relationship Shadow & I have is very strong & it continues to develop in a positive manner every day.


Denise & Jack

Scott was great with our dog jack, he was unbiased with his approach to our mixed breed dog and he displayed a very friendly and calm disposition which Jack took to straight away!

We learnt straight away with his techniques he used with Jack and found it easy to continue with once Scott left us to our own devices.